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“Because … Beard”


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~ Hairy Tools –  More than just a brand.  We don’t follow trends, we create them .~

We are a proudly South African, locally made Brand and are based in the Metro city, the Lifestyle Hub…Johannesburg, Gauteng and dig all things Beard.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we cater for everyone, granted you have a beard – have a love for beard – or at least have an interest in growing a beard.
Hairy Tools Premium Beard Grooming Products are  developed for the bearded Tools, whils taking  the lovely lady they cuddle into consideration.

We  know that behind (most) every beard babe, is a lovely Mrs./Ms Babe and we make sure that we cater for her needs as well, by producing a product that softens the man-mane and reduces scratchiness – thereby eliminating beard cuddling induced skin irritation.

All of our grooming  products are meticulously developed and  layer blended by hand by our very own Ms. Hairy Tool, also known as the Tool Creator

” I understand exactly  what it takes to be the lady behind a Hairy Tool. irritated , blotchy skin and all.  Thankfully thats a thing of the past. and I can cuddle my bearded babe’s soft furry face thanks to our very own products.

 That is another reason why we can proudly say, “we have what you need to reach your beard goal with complete beard satisfaction – we’ve got what you’ve been dreaming of”

“Because … Beard”



the Art of



 Hairy Tools

Beard Grooming Products

Beard Grooming Products

 Every product is individually hand mixed, blended and created using only the finest, 100% pure organic carrier and essential oils.  All ingredients used in  Hairy Tools products, have been extensively researched and hand selected for its beneficial qualities

Sweet Mary-Jane

Premium Beard Oil

Lolita - Wash ur Bush

Beard wash soap bar

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Beard Balm

Kim Poppable

Beard Oil Spray

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