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Hairy Tools  ~ more than just a brand.  We don’t follow trends, we create them .~

We pride ourselves in making sure that we cater for everyone, granted you have a beard – have a love for beard – or at least have an interest in growing a beard.

  Hairy Tools Premium Beard products are not only developed for the bearded Tools…but for the lovely ladies in their lives as well. 

 We understand that behind every magnificent beard, should be the ‘scratch-rash free ‘, proud, pro-beard lady.   And it is with that thought in mind that , determined to banish the ladies discomfort and annoying irritation from his beard,  The Tool Creator set off to developing this superior product. 

Our products are meticulously blended and layered by hand , created by the Tool Creator herself,  who knows exactly what it takes to be the lady behind her bearded wonder, and exactly what our bearded babe desires, requires and applies to produce his majestic man mane. 

We are proudly South African, locally made Brand and are   based in the Metro city, the Lifestyle Hub…Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Our dig is Beard.  Beard oils, Beard Balms, Beard Wash, Beard accessories and so much more to come…

“  Every Hairy Tool product is  born, birthed and loved to life by the Tool Creator, ensuring, manufacturing and producing the ultimate in beard care products, benefishial to every Tool’s ( and his lady ) needs . 

Why? You may ask….the answer is quite simple,

“Because … Beard”