Roxanne Premium Beard Balm


50 ml

Roxanne  for the best part of your daily beard grooming routine for noticeable results

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Irresistible Roxanne, the delicious forbidden fruit.  The type of lady your mother warned you about.... this describes Roxanne.  The name Roxanne was inspired by the ever so sexy song, Roxanne, written by lead singer and bassist, Sting of the English rock band The Police. As well as the broad way play, Cyrano de Bergerac, both telling the of a man who falls in love with prostitute.

We like to refer to her as, 'Rub me right, Roxanne' because of her aphrodisiac like abilities.

Making Roxanne the best part of your daily beard grooming routine will result in a softer, more manageable beard with her Richly and somewhat exotic like blends,  such as Coco Butter; sweet almond oil; sexy sandalwood,and a hint coconut oil.

This woodsy earth fragrance beard balm, Hairy Tools very own temptress - Roxanne - is hard to ignore and impossible to resist.  Exactly what many a man’s fantasies are made of.

Important Note:  The use of Roxanne will not only shape you to perfection but has also been known to attract the attention of ravenous beauties.


Coco Butter, Beeswax, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, sandalwood.


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