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What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is exactly that, oil for Beards.  Beard oils are a blend of different essential and carrier oils that mimic the natural oils produced by skin, such as sebum (  These specially formulated oils address specific Beard needs and problems such as itchy skin, sensitivity and dryness by penetrating the follicles in a similar fashion as hair conditioner.   Beard oil is as a moisturizer that stimulates the follicles to promote a healthy, faster growing Beard.  The combination of oils used to create this specialized blend is not only used to  moisturize and nourish the Beard , but also the  skin under the Beard, as wellas encouraging healthy and fast Beard growth resulting in an attractive, thick, sheer and shiny Beard boasting a healthy glow which is soft to the touch.

Why use Beard oil

A Beard is only as healthy as the follicles it grows from and as your beard grows, it prevents the skin from staying moisturized, which in turn causes itchiness and dandruff flakes.  The key to having a healthy and touchable Beard is keeping it hydrated. Hydrated hair strands are softer, have a healthy shine, and don’t tangle.  Using Hairy Tools Beard oil and Beard products will help you to keep your Beard and the skin beneath it hydrated creating a softer, less itchy, and more manageable Beard .

How to apply Beard oil:

Beard oil is best applied after a shower and after lightly towel drying your Beard and whilst it is still warm and damp, as the poreswill be open and will easily absorbs the oil.  Applying Beard oil is no complicated task, simply dispense a few drops of Hairy Tools beard oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together until both are lightly saturated.  Massage the oil into your skin underneath the Beard, starting where your beard is thickest and longest and using your fingers as a comb, work your way through evenly dispersing the oil until you reach the tip of your Beard. Once your Beard is thoroughly oiled, comb your Beard out using yourspecialized Beard comb,   which will oil your whole Beard and remove any knots that may have formed.  Now it is time to shape your Beard in to the style you like. (If you have a really longBeard, you may need to give your Beard a second oily caress.)

Can I use ordinary soaps and shampoos?

Quite simply no, off the shelf hair products dry out and damage your beard as they are simply not designed for facial hair. Facial hair is very different to your normal hair as it is classified as pubic hair (crazy shit, right?!) because it only develops after puberty. It is for this reason it takes specific and specialized products designed and developed to take care of the huge responsibility of Beard care. Because, simply put, if it was that easy…everybody would have one.  Because …  Beard.

Why use Hairy Tools Beard Oil and Beard products

Hairy Tools Beard Oils are individually hand mixed, using only the finest, 100% pure organic carrier and essential oils.  Each and every ingredient used in every Hairy Tools product, has been extensively researched and hand selected for its beneficial qualities to the Beard and is meticulously created using a unique layer blending technique.      Using Hairy Tools Beard Oils and Beard products will ensure a softer and more manageable Beard.  By using our specially formulated products will you not only will feel great but also own the bragging rights of a visibly healthy Beard as the use of Hairy Tools Products will prevent flakiness, rendering your skin underneath the Beard -non-itchy, moisturized and healthy.   Hairy Tools Premium Beard Oils are thick and rich in moisture and packed with healthy growth promoting agents as only  the purest of organic oils such as Jojoba, Baobab, Hemp seed, Rosemary and Sandalwood carrier and essential oils,  to name but a few,  are used. The rich, thick oil ensures longevity of your product and the intensely alluring scent affiliated with each product will maintain its sweet smelling scent, lasting the entire day without fading.

Our products are not tested on animals but on a diverse group of Hairy Tools with a variety of different beard types, ranging from wavy to curly, patchy to balding, and dry to brittle Beards.   Our test results are all the same, producing excitable results and successful problem solving in problematic areas for the Tool and his lady.  Hairy Tools Premium Beard Oil is a superior product with an alluring and excitable aroma that won’t let you down.  We will even resolve your lady’s complaints by taking your once scratchy, rash causing Beard and transforming it into alush, soft and sweet scented man mane which she won’t be able to get off of… no more lonely nights for you.   Because … Beard.

Caution: Use of Hairy Tools Premium Beard Oil has been known to attract (mostly desirable) attention and may increase chances of random acts of Beard caressing, fondling, and stroking.